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the FIRE Radio exists because of the vision that God has given Bro David Chestnut and Pastor Mark Holmes. Our desire is to serve and follow Christ and join Him in the Father's work of His Kingdom. This means we are here to serve you as He directs and leads us. We are called to uplift you by uplifting Jesus Christ and His Kingdom and to tear down the prison kingdom brought about by mankind's fall into sin and self. We are killing ourselves and each other, literally, and Jesus Christ wants to give us life, love and freedom through a relationship with Him. Sin has us blind to these facts and we at the FIRE Radio desire to open other's eyes to this because one day through faith in Jesus Christ He has opened our own. We also have a strong passion to uplift our brothers and sisters in Christ! This uplifts us! Jesus Christ has given us a great love for you!

  The FIRE Radio has started out with a strong catalogue of classic black gospel, gospel blues, christian, classic christian rock, along with several indie artists. We also present to you God's Word in devotional and other formats. We are excited about adding much more music and message presentations in the future as our Father allows! If you have music you would like considered for play on air, you may submit your mp3s on our connect page. You may also submit Christian events.

Thanks and we love you!

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